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From Oct 2nd to Jan 30th is Hunting season. TWRA require all riders to wear bright orange vest and or hat while out of the SXS. Please bring the appropiate clothing during this time.
Thank You.

By popular demand we now offer a guide service with our rentals. We have contracted with a local guy named Marshall that has rode this area his whole life and knows this 300,000 like the back of his hand. Marshall is a absolute Hoot and a great storie teller. He works off of tips and can guide you to some of the most beautiful places the Mountains has to offer and tell you the whole history why its there. If this is something that your interested in please call me so I can set it up. We chose Marshall for his knowledge and his absolute funny sense of humor. Some people have never ridden here and want something easy or maybe a little more difficult. Tell Marshall what you want you want and thats where he will take you.

Exit 144 Stinking Creek Rd.
Turn Right go 8 miles and then right on Adam Hollow Rd.
Stay left go 1.5 miles up the mountain and you will run right into our property

So we have had a overwhelming response and questions to our hours of operation of 9am to 6pm. Most of the questions have been we are from out of state and we are in a group of 8 to 15 etc. We dont leave the campsite until 10am or 11am we do not wanna be back at 6pm. We want to have dinner and ride until later.
We worked with are website developers and now we have a option for you to rent from 9am to 9pm. I understand the request. I ride as well. I hope this new option opens up your riding experience.
Now let's get out there and ride.
Sincerely Tye and Lisa Raymer

are a small Family owned UTV Rental business. We have taken our love of riding and being out in nature and have decided to share our love of the sport with others. We want our customers, neighbors and friends to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and the landscape that the mountains of Tennessee have to offer.
Come enjoy the waterfalls and scenic views in our brand new Kawasaki KRX's and Kawasaki Teryx 4 seaters.

We decided to move to the mountains and enjoy the sport first hand for ourself and for the people we meet along the way. Our location is on top of the mountain and right in the middle of all the trails that Royal Blue has to offer, when you leave the property on your adventures you will have immediate trail access. no hauling the utv's, no driving 5 miles to the trails. Just take off on the trails and enjoy your day.

We want this to be a fun experience that you will enjoy time and time again. We dont want to bog you down with a laundry list of rules. Just a enjoyable experience.

Please take a moment to read the FAQ's page. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.