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You've got questions, and we've got the answers. If you still have questions, reach out to us, and we'll help you out. 

Q. What happens if we are late for our Guided Tour or to pickup our machine for an Unguided Rental?

A.. It is imperative that you show up for your Guided Tour or your Unguided Rental on time. If you do not show up on time you will completely lose your reservation! It is unfair if other people have to wait on you and lose time on their ride that they paid for as well.


Q. What is the difference between a Guided Ride and a Un-Guided Ride?

A. A guided ride is great opportunity to ride and enjoy the mountains, you will not have to worry about being lost. And the best part you dont have to worry about getting stuck or possibly breaking something out of inexperience.

It takes awhile to learn how to drive a offroad vehicle without getting in trouble.

With the guided tour it takes out all of the worry. It allows you and the family to enjoy the trip the most.

We do not pace or go any slower than a typical rider does. We just know the 600 miles better than anyone.

A.2. The Un-Guided ride will be more closely monitored with GPS and engine diagnostic equipment. It will also be a higher deductible. With a waiver that customer is 100% responsible for all damage. Including all labor, and rescue operations.

Q. Can I rent a Un-Guided ride for multiple days. And keep the machine?

A.. You can rent for multiple days, but we must have our machines back at 6pm each day.

This is due to our Insurance.

Q. Do I have to arrive on time?

A. Yes. Check-In time begins at 9am and all tours leave at 10am. This will also include any Un-Guided customers. Please make sure you can arrive on time so we can get the fun started. Anyone arriving after 10pm will forfeit there rental.

Q: How old do you need to be to rent a UTV?
A: You must be 25 years old to rent or drive a machine. Anyone under 25 is welcome to ride in the machines, but no one under 25 is allowed to drive due to insurance requirements.
Q: Can I rent my UTV over night?
A: We currently only offer morning pick up and afternoon drop off. You can rent for multiple consecutive days.

Q: Where can I ride?
A: We have over 200,000 acres of trails for you to rip!
Q: Do you provide a helmet, or do I need to bring my own?
A: You'll need to bring your own off-road helmet. We do not require helmets unless you are 18 or under.

Q: Do I need to put a deposit down?
A: We do require a $1,500 deposit.  This will be returned at drop off if everything is fine with the machine. If you cause damage beyond $1,500 you are still liable to pay for parts, labor, and downtime regardless of the cost.

Q: What happens if I break a part? Or worst case total the machine?
A: Please Read this section carefully before renting a unit. First and foremost our machines are maintained and checked after every ride. We will replace or update a part even if it still looks good or functions ok.  We do not take chances with your safety and maintain a vey high standard with maintenance on our machines.
If a machine comes back with a broken part or a flat tire, the renter is required to pay for damages. We charge a modest $40 an hour labor charge plus the part cost. If a customer has done so much damage to our machines that it has to be out of service for an extended period of time, we will also charge a downtime fee. This fee will be $75 per day that the machine is down waiting on repairs.

If you take a rental out with the sole purpose of abusing and driving it beyond it's capabilities then yes, you are going to break something.

If you cause significant damage beyond the $1,500 we will keep your Deposit and you will have to pay for ALL damages regardless of the cost. You are 100% responsible for all damage to the machine.
98% of of our customers respect our equipment and have a great day with no issues.
Please call me if you have any questions.

Q: What happens if I get lost or broke down.
A:We have GPS tracking on the machines (We know where you are). Second, we recommend that you download the Polaris Ride Command App before arrival. This app will provide offline turn by turn map of the 20,000 acres that surround our property. Also paper maps will be provided.

Q: What if I need Food or Gas?
A: Our machines will go approximately 100 miles on a tank of gas. But if you need supplies there is a trail head that leads right to a gas station and a Mexican Restaurant for lunch.

Q: Can I be a beginner?
A: Of course. If you can drive a car you will be able to handle one of UTV's with ease.

Q: Do you charge If I return the rental late?
A: We do charge $50 for every half hour past your return time. The reason is we have to power wash all of the rentals then they have to go though a 26 point inspection for riders safety. This takes around 5 hours after the rental is returned. 

Q: I'm from out of state. How do I know if I will like the trail system?
A: This one is pretty easy. There are a ton of YouTube videos that people have compiled of most all the Royal Blue Trails. You can get a great idea of things to see and how the terrain is. Also you can learn great tips from other riders. One thing you won't see is a frown on anyone's face.

Q: Can I ride on the roads if necessary?
A: They do allow you to ride on the local roads around the trails. You actually drive under the Interstate to the other side where you find 160,000 acres of trails. There are several restaurants and gas stations if you would like lunch or supplies. Do Not get on the Interstate. Highly dangerous and highly Illegal.

Q: Do I need a trail pass to access all the trails.
A: Yes. I recommend you download the TWRA app (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency). You can purchase a high impact off-road pass for the day. You can either print it out or just keep it on your app for the day. Conservation Officers do patrol the trails and will want to see this.

Q: Can I be denied a rental?
A: Yes. We do not allow a rental to be taken from the premises if we feel you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We can also deny a rental if we feel you are you unable to operate and respect our rentals. 
Also, we may have to cancel a rental if a machine is down due to issue's beyond our control in which case you will receive a full refund.

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